-iPro Apple Authorized Reseller in Libya-, Tripoli, Libya

iPro is the Authorized Reseller for Apple Products in Libya حي الآندلس بجانب قاعة الشهداء 0217177700 /0954091926 iPro is the first authorized reseller in Libya that offers a full Apple store experience, starting from the store design, sales strategy, marketing strategy & customer service. 5 years ago iPro was an open vision, our team were the first team in Libya that made a Libyan Apple fans group, we were the first who introduced Apple products and services to people online, we started by making MACLIBYA website, it was a blog that interested in Apple news, products and services. Until we have made the first real experience with Apple in 2009 by creating Apple World co, we were making iPhone Apps and the first App was i-Know (News App). Call: +218 21 7177700
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-iPro Apple Authorized Reseller in Libya-, Tripoli, Libya

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Found: 29.07.2015


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