BIT Engineering authorised with JSPM ,Barshi, Barshi, India

latur road,barshi The student centeredness for all activities of the institution is the basic philosophy of proposed Bagwant Institute of Technology. Various stake holders such as students, parents and teachers will be motivated for maintaining 100% attendance. The student’s feedback will be obtained on pre-coded questionnaire with the help of liker scale. The data so collected will be compiled and made available to faculty for introspection purpose. System of evaluation by peers will be implemented for faculty members. Faculty members will be required to get involved in research, publication, consultancy and spin off to entrepreneurship. Exposure to centers of excellence at national and international level shall be provided to teachers so as to excel in their chosen field of specialization. Attempt will be made to establish CENTER FOR POST GRADUATE STUDIES AND RESEARCH right from inception of the college. This is mainly because PG strengthens the UG program and RESEARCH strengthens the PG. Basic as well as applied research is essential to promote activities of TECHNICAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP and INDUSTRY INSTITUTE PARTNERSHIP. Hence, both type of research will be provided equal weight-age. Teachers will be made to realize that,” Teaching is not only a bread earning job but a profession willfully accepted”. For this purpose a center of Engineering Educators Council (EEC) a branch of Engineering Education Foundation (EEF) (WHO published Journals of Engineering Education, unique of its kind in the country) will be started at ICER. Dialogue is already initiated with authorities of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PARK of Solapur University to sign MOU to Establish Center for Development of Technical Entrepreneurship and an Incubation Centre for creation of companies on campus. This way the proposed Engineering College will be marching towards Centre of Excellence right from its inception. Barshi 411413 Barshi India
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BIT Engineering authorised with JSPM ,Barshi, Barshi, India

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