Nutella, Sydney, Australia

Nutella has been enjoyed by Australians & New Zealanders for over 30 years and is proudly manufactured locally in Lithgow, NSW. Developed originally in Italy in the 1940’s, Nutella is loved across the globe by consumers of all generations. The Official Nutella Facebook page for Australia & New Zealand. Rules of Engagement: Nutella's Facebook Page is a community for people over the age of 13 to share their love and passion for Nutella with one another, and for Nutella to communicate directly with their wonderful fans. This is an official page of Ferrero. While we support lively and open discussion, we reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments at our discretion, and users displaying repeated anti-social behaviour or posting offensive material will unfortunately be banned from Nutella's page. We support the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and related Facebook policies. To ensure Nutella’s Facebook is a safe and friendly environment we ask that our visitors do the same, meaning we reserve the right to address or remove posts which contain: - Inappropriate, obscene, dangerous or illegal content - Misleading, deceptive, fraudulent information and factual errors about Nutella - Spam messaging - Offensive, inappropriate or strong language (Language should be at a G-rating level) - Anti-social behaviour (references to alcohol, drugs, weapons or gambling) - Defamatory messages about other brands - Content in breach of third party IP (e.g. third party names) - Violations of any law of regulation We know that we are all different and have different opinions, so whilst we are happy for each individual to express their opinion, it’s important to note that postings to the Nutella Facebook page are not representative of the opinions of Nutella or Ferrero Australia, nor do we confirm their accuracy. For our part, we'll endeavor to reply to your comments and be as helpful as possible. We love hearing from you! For more information on Nutella, visit: 168 Walker Street North Sydney 2060 Sydney Australia Call: 1800 627 231 (Australia), 0800 441 512 (New Zealand)
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Nutella, Sydney, Australia

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