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Purchase here: Purchase here: Founded in 2013, Ink Fetish magazine aims to cater to the whole tattooing industry; everyone from tattoo fanatics to the old school veterans and everyone in between, as well as the creatives and designers that work so hard to promote the industry and make it even more interesting than ever! We feel very strongly about certain issues, which you guys will see pop up frequently in the magazine. The world today can be a nasty place to live, so we want to help promote self love, body positivity, freedom of choice and expression. We offer an online version and a print version, both of which have a small fee. The reason for this is because we are supported, predominantly, by revenue from such sales. Whilst we do offer advertising, we do not allow just anyone to advertise with us; we will only endorse companies whose morals coincide with the direction we take the magazine.
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Ink Fetish Magazine

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