Mandurah Business Sundowners We are a FUN & FRIENDLY bunch of local Business Owners/Managers who love to get together once a month for a chilled drink to make new friends & colleagues! Hosted by Deb Collins-Corps. It's time for Mandurah Business Owners to come together to mix, mingle, make new acquaintances but MOST importantly, make new friends!! We are the luckiest people alive, we live in Mandurah! Let's come together to show the world that when you come here, you get the BEST service, the FRIENDLIEST people, GREAT weather, Dolphins & Crabs (hmmmmm, should I write that :-) Make sure you join our group so you hear about our Free Sundowners - let's make Mandurah ROCK even more! Help spread the word by sharing our page to other local Businesses. Call: 0450 219 370
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Mandurah Business Sundowners

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Found: 01.08.2015


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