Ads 4 Local Business, Billingham-on-Tees, United Kingdom

Ads 4 Local Business, are online advertising agents operating has a local directory but offering just that little bit more to the likes of Mobile Marketing to Social Media Management and doing great sexy WP websites Business Directory - Teesside, Free Online Advertising for local Businesses in the county of Cleveland: Hi my name is Colin Jeffrey I do internet marketing and help companies in my area to achieve more from their advertising campaigns online. We have an online platform called Ads 4 Local Business and it is a new and upcoming first class business directory of which will always have you the customer more than happy with the services that your about to receive. We have so much to offer the local businesses in Stockton on Tees, and Middlebrough. Your Local Business Directory is perfect for the small to medium sized businesses in the Teesside (Tees Valley) area. How say that! you ask? Well Business Directories do come up very well within the search engines and your local company will be getting found for them search terms related to your business and will come out on top. We can and do offer Social Media Management, or good advice on using your social media to its best advantage you will be very happy for what we can do for your local company. I wish I had a £1 for every time small business owners said to me... · Our website does not work and so we are going to get it re-designed This is totally and utterly the wrong thing to do in 99% of all occasions. Let's face it most businesses have a website that produces very little in terms of new business. In fact most businesses spend most of their money designing a website that gets very few visitors and virtually no leads and they make an excuse like 'it is just a brochure site'. The truth is that your website is your No.1 marketing tool and it is possible to get it not only working for you, but providing you with an on-going stream of leads, meetings and sales. You just have to know how to do it and I am going to help you. Don't leave it to others (unless you want to) The mistakes most businesses make is to either spend their money on design and have nothing left to use to drive traffic to their website, or they trust their marketing to a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Company, without really understanding what they are buying. I am sorry to have to tell you two things: 1. Most website designers do not understand Internet Marketing. Why would they, they are designers! 2. Most SEO companies are expensive I/we are very reasonable: So get in touch with: Colin Jeffrey on 07413 069 047 Annan Road TS23 3EX Billingham-on-Tees United Kingdom Call: 07413 069 047
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Ads 4 Local Business, Billingham-on-Tees, United Kingdom

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