Perfect Pedigree Cambodia, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Perfect Pedigree Cambodia specialises in ethically sourcing the highest quality pedigree puppies from FCI-affiliated Kennel Club breeders around the world. Perfect Pedigree Cambodia was founded out of the need to provide an ethical alternative for dog lovers in Cambodia. We provide only the highest quality pedigree puppies from our worldwide network of Fédération Cynologique Internationale affiliated Kennel Club breeders. All puppies that we provide are imported to Cambodia. We believe in the ethical treatment of animals and insist that dog breeding must be carried out in the most humane manner possible. Every breeder that we deal with has been personally visited by us. We examine living conditions, verify health and wellbeing, and confirm the temperament, appearance and breed standards of the dogs. We interview all breeders to determine their character and the treatment of their dams, sires and puppies. We will never deal with commercial puppy farms under any circumstances. All puppies sourced by us are individually examined by us throughout their weaning period, Vet health checked, microchipped, vaccinated, de-wormed and come with a Pet Passport to facilitate easier international travel and to keep track of vaccinations.
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Perfect Pedigree Cambodia, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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