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Our objective is to provide the best, quality care to your pets, leaving you at ease. With us, your pets will live in sunshine! Sunshine Pet Services is a local small business, developed and operated by two Lancaster natives. Our mission is simple, to provide your fur babies with a care that rivals any other pet service around. We do this by ensuring we have every detail, tip and trick from you on how to best care for your pet, leaving you with the peace of mind and focus you deserve to enjoy your vacation, business trip, classes, or any part of your day. Our goal is to keep up the routine you have in place for your pet, while creating a familiarity with us that they will come to know and love. We are accommodating (of all pets, with no breed or size restrictions), professional, and have a vibe we hope you welcome into the life of your pet. Being natives to this fine city of ours, we know all the best places to go and paths to take to create the most enjoyable outing experience with your pet. We make sure their time with us is filled with positivity, high energy, and lots of fun. Our hope is that you will find proficiency in our obligation to your pets, excellence is our expertise, and happiness with our services. All jobs within city limits will not have mileage charges. Clients out of city limits will have a slight mileage charge per mile. Bulk & discounted rates available. Must be 5 or more days to qualify. Prices : Dog walks: $12. Additional pup $10.00. Prices will not increase or decrease on breed. Walks last no less than an hour unless inclement weather. $5.00 charge for feedings if needed. Play dates: $12.00 - $18.00 Play dates include: Pick up & Drop off, 90 to 120 minute, hike, walk, dog park, park or short term dog watching. Prices are city limit based. Milage charges added to clients in outer city locations. Pet sitting Prices: Stop, Drop and Roll $21.00 for dog. $16.00 for cat Includes: One visit for feeding, quick clean if necessary and a brief let out or walk. Added charges for extra pets: $2.00 pets in enclosurements $5.00 per cat $10.00 per dog Twofur: $35.00 Package includes: Two visits to walk, feed and a quick clean if necessary. Additional charges: $2.00 per pet in enclosurements $5.00 per cat $10.00 per dog Slumber Party: $55.00 for dog. $30 Cat only Full overnight care. Multiple let outs or walks, feedings and clean up. Time starts around 6:30 p.m and ends 6:30 a.m Standard additional charges apply. Sunrise to Sunset and more. $75.00 per dog $40.00 for cat only Full day and overnight sleepover includes: Multiple walks, let outs, feedings, clean ups and of course playtime. Standard additional pet charges apply Call: 7177239843
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Sunshine Pet Services

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