Enjoy Inn Mongolia Tour Camp, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Enjoy Inn在蒙古投資及管理的蒙古包營地,憑著多年的蒙古國旅遊經驗,一直受多國不同旅客歡迎.我們的宗旨著重優質local tour遊覽服務.包辦多國不同性質及特色靈活景點觀光安排 Enjoy Inn在蒙古投資及管理的蒙古包營地,憑著多年的蒙古國旅遊經驗,一直受多國不同旅客歡迎.我們的宗旨著重優質local tour遊覽服務.包辦多國不同性質及特色靈活景點觀光安排.為旅客提供一個完美的旅程. 能深度了解蒙古國風土人情及享受大自然奇觀.我們會因應你不同的行程需要,度身訂做每位尊貴貴賓的需要(個人/團體及商務旅遊) *可四人起成團,提供司機導遊食宿及靈活景點觀光安排。 我們的營地地理位置優越,在蒙古國名勝成吉思汗像區.我們能給你近距離接觸當地歷史文化及遊覽大自然 Enjoy Inn- A paradise for the senses surrounded by natural beauty is invested and managed by Enjoy Group Enjoy Inn offers local tour within the region. On your group tour, enjoy a more personalized and in-depth experience, with the flexibility to determine your own schedule according to your guide’s suggestions. Sophistication surrounds you in a lavishly decorated suite inspired by Genghis Khan’s rich cultural heritage. Enjoy Inn, is a perfect tropical getaway, a luxurious tranquil retreat just a short drive from the city. For every experience here, you are surrounded by natural beauty. And it all begins at Enjoy Inn. We located at Tuv aimag, Erdene soum 4.5 km from Genghis horse monument Ulannbaatar 976 Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Call: +976-99119236,+97699118108,+852-68500805
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Enjoy Inn Mongolia Tour Camp, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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