Pakistan Community Organization - khanewal, Khanewala, Pakistan

NO BODY ABOVE THE LAW, EVEN LAW Turning our endowed youth into leading professionals to take Pakistan to the next level of social,educational and economic upliftment. we are a community of learners and serve our multiple constituents by providing access to endeavors at a larger scale. we encourage our Pakistan community organization and faculty to transcend disciplinary boundaries by taking challenges faced by modern society at national level.we provide a an environment where all Pakistan community organization enjoy equal opportunities to develop there potential and where there is a shared passion for excellence and a commitment to respect for one another. we celebrate and promote diversity in all its forms, seeking understanding and perspective that distinet life experience bring. we proclaim ourselves a scholarly community in which may be expressed friendly and all community are welcomed,respected and nurtured in their Pakistan community and social development. we develop lifelong relation ship with alumni who spin the country by applying the skill learn at Pakistan community organization . We draw from community and experience to prepare our Pakistan community organization for leadership in a wider range of social endeavors, including garnel science,computer education,engineering and medical collage,competitive examination for civil services. And also including religion study of QURAN and also their religions whatever they have with out any hating to EACH OTHER. Call: 03008399833
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Pakistan Community Organization - khanewal, Khanewala, Pakistan

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