Organization for Brightening the Youth and Communities - OBYC

OBYC is a organization which focuses on issues regarding health, environment, education and other community services. OBYC is an organization which works for the betterment of communities. This founder of this organization are group of very talented and active youth from the different communities and from from very diverse environment. Our organization focuses on Education, Health, Environmental Causes and other community service activities. Our society is full of talented students but they are not guided in the right direction. So we guide them in the right direction. We also give them inspirational thoughts that one day when they become successful they should work for the bettrment of community and for the betterment of the world. Executive Director and Founder: Muhammad Nadeem Langove (Kalat) Deputy Director: Babul Aziz Saparah (Mastung) Assistant Director : Nadeem Kalmati (Gawadar) Coordinating Manager: Mujeeb Baloch (Mastung) Media Manager: Muhammad Ali (Mac) (Quetta) Internet Analyzing Manager: Balaach Jatak (Naseerabad) Finance Manager: Mir Mehrab (DG Khan) Community Outreach Manager: Shay Razai Baloch (Turbat) Program Manager: Raosen Taj Raisani (Sibi) Communication Manager: Basit Badini (Nushki)
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Organization for Brightening the Youth and Communities - OBYC

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