Cinnamon Girl (Prince song)

"Cinnamon Girl" is a song by Prince, from his 2004 album Musicology. Besides the title, there is no connection to the song of the same name by Neil Young.The single has been released in several formats. On September 6, 2004, the European CD-single was released with four tracks: "Cinnamon Girl" (Album version), "Dear Mr. Man" (live at Webster Hall) "United States of Division" (which had been available only as a download) and an MPEG video of the "Dear Mr. Man" performance. Two weeks later, a similar single was released, but without the video. In November of the same year, Prince's NPG Music Club online retail store sold an Enhanced CD including the audio track, its music video, the lyrics and a five-minute segment of interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.Despite not charting in the US, the single nearly cracked the Top 40 of the UK, reaching #43.Track listingUK/German CD single"Cinnamon Girl" – 3:56"Dear Mr. Man" (Live at Webster Hall) – 4:14"United States of Division" – 6:18"Dear Mr. Man" (Live at Webster Hall Video) – 4:14NPG Enhanced CD single"Cinnamon Girl" – 3:56"Cinnamon Girl" (Video) – 4:04"Cinnamon Girl: Xposed" (Making of the Video) – 5:15
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Cinnamon Girl (Prince song)

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