Baran, Los Angeles, United States

تنها صفحه رسمی باران در فیس بوک The Official Page Of Baran I sometimes get asked how I got into music or why I do it. The answer is simple. All music evokes emotion, it makes you really feel something which is the every essence of what makes us human. Music can make you happy, it can excite you, it can heal emotional wounds, it can make you sad and can help you recall memories. From an early age, music gave me personal freedom and it has always given me strength and power to take on anything that this world throws at me. ~~~~~~ I've always believed that there are 3 kinds of people in this world, those who live in a dream world, those who face reality and those who turn one into the other. Take the things you're good at and be proud of them and share them with the world! Every morning we are reborn into this world...Every day we have the chance to make a new start and live a new life and everyday all kinds of great things are done by ordinary people.
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Baran, Los Angeles, United States

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