World Calisthenics Organization

World Calisthenics Organization Founded in 2012, The World Calisthenics Organization seeks to create healthy communities by promoting and providing the inherent benefits of Calisthenics exercise to all facets of society. The WCO assists municipalities and non-profits with the design, development, and construction of community Exercise Parks as well as assists with the creation of community and educational programs that promote and encourage the Sport and Method of Calisthenics exercise.Our Mission is to empower by being leaders through example. We bring experience, passion, life skills, , confidence, respect and strength to every individual within the community and encourage to live it in the outside world. To pass on the knowledge, Discipline, Integrity to all that we have the honor to INSPIRE. To promote the involvement of children in the sport of calisthenics and proper movement. To promote the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. That all students will be encouraged and appropriately taught new skills in a safe non-threatening environment and that they will feel successful about their achievements. Involvement in community activities and projects To promote friendship, team spirit and a strong community bond among students, athletes and parents To foster teamwork and the pursuit of excellence To provide an environment in which ALL have the opportunity and confidence to excel To pass on the enthusiasm and passion to future generations To coach with encouragement and fairness Success through positive leadership
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World Calisthenics Organization

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