La Catedral Cafe & Restaurant

Award-winning breakfast-brunch Mexican cafe & restaurant, famous for its chilaquiles and their coffee menu, inspired by traditional drinks from Mexico. ENGLISH Our Mexican coffee house-restaurant offers a variety of different, non-traditional coffee and ice cream flavors. We also have an extensive menu of European inspired Mexican dishes that include options like paninis, salads and all-day breakfast. La Catedral, is a name inspired by the cathedral in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, which is also reflected in the establishment's logo. The interior of the building replicates a cathedral concept where you will find a variety of artifacts and religious art including reproductions of frescos of the Vatican of Michelangelo in the ceiling. Movie fanatics will recognize the chalet-style exterior of the building from the movie "Stranger than Fiction" from 2006. We also offer BYOB and Wi-fi. ESPAƑOL Este cafe-restaurante Mexicano ofrece una diversidad de cafes y nieves diferentes a lo tradicional aparte de contar con un menu extensivo de platillos mexicanos con inspiracion europea ofreciendo opciones como los paninis, las ensaladas y la oferta de desayuno de todo el dia. La Catedral, es un nombre inspirado por la catedral en Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico la cual tambien se refleja en el logo del cafe-restaurante. El interior del lugar tambien refleja este concepto de catedral donde se encontrara con una variedad de artefactos y arte religioso incuyendo reproducciones de los frescos del Vaticano de Michelangelo en el techo. Fanaticos de las peliculas reconoceran el estilo chalet del exterior del edificio de la pelicula "Stranger than Fiction" del 2006. El establecimiento tambien ofrece BYOB y Wi-fi. Call: (773) 823-7546
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La Catedral Cafe & Restaurant

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