JDA Community, Jakarta, Indonesia

Komunitas Pengusaha Muda Sukses At JDA, we aspire to inspire. Most people have an idea but no means, skill or knowledge to properly utilize it. JDA is a community for such people. We here help develop and idea into reality. If you’re one of those Indonesians out there who has a smashing idea; someone who is “the entrepreneur” but lacks in skills, knowledge, experience and of course, expertise, then JDA is for you. At JDA, you’ll find a pool of different people, an entire community of different minds and thoughts and each of these unique individuals will help nurture your small seed of imagination into a tree of sucessful entrepreneurship. Using JDA you’ll be able to freely connect with your peers and enjoy both their opinions and knowledge. JDA is all about teaching you to maximize the entrepreneur within you and not just think on your proposal but to actually make it happen. Call: +622129659389
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JDA Community, Jakarta, Indonesia

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