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Official Facebook for NYT and #1 international bestselling author Lara Adrian. MAILING LIST SIGN-UP: (or click Sign Up button) Complete list of Lara Adrian's books and series in reading order: THE MIDNIGHT BREED SERIES Book 0.5: A Touch of Midnight (novella) - FREE ebook at all retailers Book 1: Kiss of Midnight Book 2: Kiss of Crimson Book 3: Midnight Awakening Book 4: Midnight Rising Book 5: Veil of Midnight Book 6: Ashes of Midnight Book 7: Shades of Midnight Book 8: Taken by Midnight Book 9: Deeper Than Midnight Book 9.5: A Taste of Midnight (novella) Book 10: Darker After Midnight The Midnight Breed Series Companion Book 11: Edge of Dawn Book 11.5: Marked by Midnight (novella) Book 12: Crave The Night Book 12.5: Tempted by Midnight (novella) Book 13: Bound to Darkness (Spring 2015) Book 13.5: Stroke of Midnight (Oct 2015) . . . and more to come! DRAGON CHALICE SERIES Heart of the Hunter - FREE ebook at all retailers Heart of the Flame Heart of the Dove WARRIOR TRILOGY White Lion's Lady - FREE ebook at all retailers Black Lion's Bride Lady of Valor STANDALONE BOOKS Lord of Vengeance NightDrake (short story - free ebook) A Glimpse of Darkness (multi-author short story) * * * New! * * * MASTERS OF SEDUCTION SERIES (Incubus/Angel Romance) Masters of Seduction: Volume 1 - Merciless by Lara Adrian (also available as single ebook) - Soulless by Donna Grant - Shameless by Laura Wright - Ruthless by Alexandra Ivy Masters of Seduction: Volume 2 (Apr 27, 2015) PHOENIX CODE SERIES: Romantic Suspense collaboration with Tina Folsom - Cut and Run: Books 1 & 2 - Hide and Seek: Books 3 & 4 (Jun 22, 2015) ...and more books to come! Sign up for my website mailing list to get notified of all new releases and be eligible for subscribers-only giveaways in each issue! (or just click the Sign Up button at the top of my Facebook page)
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Lara Adrian Books

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