Paradise Inn Clubs - Cafès - Restaurants, Alexandria, Egypt

This is the official page for Paradise Inn Group Outings. Paradise Inn Group is a leading Hotels chain in Alexandria, Egypt. It was founded in the nineties as a development and management company for Hotels and Resort. We will be your guide to all restaurants, cafès, nightlife, and events by Paradise Group. Outings: Le Metropole: 1. Versaille Restaurant : French Restaurant with live classic entertainment (Romantic) 2. Les Ambassadeurs Restaurant Windsor Palace Hotel: 3. Blue Harbor Lounge and Roof Terrace Mamoura Beach resort: 4. White Angel Café Lounge 5. Florence Café on Pool with Kids Area 6. Pool ( Mamoura Resort) (Bean Bags and Chezlongs ) 7. Flamingo café on the White Sand 8. Flamingo Fish Restaurant on Beach 9. Flamingo Private Beach (The only White Sand Beach in Alexandria) AND THE BIG SURPRISE AT WINDSOR PALACE HOTEL….. SKYROOF Skyroof is a Lounge/Club located on the rooftop of Windsor Palace Hotel, where you can enjoy the grill & bar with the sea view. (Open From 6pm – 1am) No children under 16 allowed in SkyRoof 17 EL Shohada Street Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate 00203 Alexandria Egypt Call: 034808700
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Paradise Inn Clubs - Cafès - Restaurants, Alexandria, Egypt

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