Youth Educational Services, Arcata, United States

Humboldt State University or Humboldt State, also occasionally referred to as Humboldt, is the northernmost campus of the 23-school California State University system, located in Arcata, Humboldt County, California, United States. The main campus, situated hillside at the edge of a coast redwood forest, has commanding views overlooking Arcata, much of Humboldt Bay, and the Pacific Ocean beyond. The college town setting on the California North Coast, 8mi north of Eureka and 279mi north of San Francisco, is notable for its natural beauty.The university, which is divided into three academic divisions or "colleges," offers 48 types of bachelor's degrees, 12 different master's degrees, over 60 minors, and at least 16 specific types of education related credentials, the majority of which are teaching credential programs. HSU does not offer doctoral degrees.In addition to the main campus, HSU has multiple off-campus facilities and education-related properties, including an ocean-side marine biology research center, a wildlife care facility, a public natural history museum, a public art gallery, a bay-side aquatics facility, a mountain-top astronomy observatory, an ocean-going marine research and teaching vessel, and a demonstration forest.
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Youth Educational Services, Arcata, United States

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