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Marriott is on a journey to make your travels uncomplicated, unforgettable, brilliant. This page was created to share the latest brand news and initiatives, and encourage guests of all Marriott Hotels & Resorts to connect with us and share their feedback. We want to hear from you. Send us your praise, concerns and suggestions. POSTING POLICY: Please bear in mind that this is a public and professional platform. We’ll do our best to ensure that our postings on this page comply with our standards, which prohibit content that: • is abusive, defamatory, threatening or obscene • is fraudulent, deceptive or misleading • violates the copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, right of privacy, right of publicity or other intellectual property right of another • contains or links to any virus, worm, Trojan horse, or other form of malware or harmful code • contains the personal information of others, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers • violates any law or regulation • is otherwise offensive Marriott Marriott Hotels & Resorts expects users not to post content that violates our standards. We cannot monitor postings or discussions in advance, but we reserve the right to remove any posting that does not meet our standards. MARRIOTT ASSOCIATES: This page is not a replacement or alternative channel for associates to raise employment or business issues. Instead, associates should continue to inform their manager or human resources representative. Associates should also be familiar with and utilize the Guarantee of Fair Treatment process, or, when there are ethics concerns, call the Marriott Business Integrity Line to report the issues or concerns. IMAGE RIGHTS: Any image or text shared on the brand-owned Marriott Hotels & Resorts Facebook page by any individual is subject to Marriott's full usage and rights. Image or text may be re-purposed by Marriott on owned social or digital platforms, without express written permission from individual. Permission is granted, as stated above, by sharing within the branded page environment.
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Marriott Hotels

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