Boycott Macy's & Others

Macy's and NBC are bought and paid for sellouts. What they've done to Donald Trump is unacceptable and that is why we must Boycott these companies. Macy's, NBC, Serta Mattresses, NASCAR (asscar I like to call it now), ESPN, Jeb Bush, and others have severed ties with Trump for telling the truth. Also, Target the progressive bowing super store is now added to the list for their recent PC nonsense behavior. Update: There is even more reason now to boycott Macy's though... Macy's is now against our veterans. Recently they have refused to hire people who served in the military, how disgraceful. Look on my newsfeed for the story on that. Update 2: Now, again, there's another reason to boycott Macy's. Macy's funds the organization Planned Parenthood that was just revealed to have been selling the body parts of aborted children. Not only does Macy's contribute to the flat out cold blooded murder of the unborn, but even after the shocking revelation as to what Planned Parenthood does with the bodies of these unborn babies, they still continue to fund them... This is beyond sick, and the fact Macy's continues to fund them after this discovery is... just... well there are no words for how evil Planned Parenthood and Macy's truly are.
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Boycott Macy's & Others

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Found: 10.08.2015


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