Bata Industrials New Zealand, Wellington

Bata Industrials is a specialised global division of the Bata Shoe Organisation and has similarly evolved from a dedication to excellence and innovation. Bata New Zealand was formed in 1948 with the first factory opening at Owhiro Bay, Wellington in 1951 producing slippers. The company was flourishing in the 50's and 60's with a second factory opening in Wainuiomata and the introduction of injection moulded footwear. By the end of of the 1970's Bata New Zealand had warehouses in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch, with additional factories in Wainuiomata, Carterton, Masterton, Wanganui and Nelson. During the 1980's there was a world wide trend to relocate factories into Asian countries and by 1987 leather production in New Zealand was deemed unprofitable and as such, 15 shoe manufacturers went out of business and all others including Bata were forced to reduce the size of their operations. 1992 saw the closure of the Wainuiomata factory and all production (PVC gumboots) returned to Owhiro Bay. Today we produce approximately 200,000 pairs of PVC gumboots per year and import Bata brands such as Marie Claire, Weinbrenner, Bubblegummers and our ever increasing Bata Industrials range.
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Bata Industrials New Zealand, Wellington

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