Industrialshadow (Official)

The volume Industrialshadow, developed 2006 from the solo project of Andre.The style direction can for instance between Gothic and Electro as well as industrial be pushed in. The whole is partly supported with melancholics singing inserts. Feeling-full Ballads lets run the shower the backs down, immediately in the next instant the electro sound again slams shut. 2006: The first independent project supplies the first sounds. .. .. New Song 2006 First Song ELECTRO 2007 Pile Promosong 2007 Kaos Troop Promosong 2008 Not Alone Wait for you Ep 2008 The Want Wait for you Ep 2008 WebEp Wait for you Ep 2009 Until I Go 2009 Industry 2009 Kindertraum 2009 Missing 2009 Revited 2010 Immortal 2010 Holy Ghost 2010 Dead 2011 Das andere Ich 2013 Schattenkreuz Single 2014 Frozen Soul 2015 Its your final Accident Running into Daylight
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Industrialshadow (Official)

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Found: 10.08.2015


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