Electro Mart Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Electro Mart Ltd. (EML) is one of the largest Business houses in Bangladesh, having been continuing its business as an Importer and Marketer of wide range of electronic home appliances. Electro Mart Limited - The pioneer Electro Mart Ltd. (EML) is one of the largest Business houses in Bangladesh, having been continuing its business as an Importer and Marketer of wide range of electronic home appliances like Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, LED, Color TVs, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, DVD players, Rice Cookers etc. earning an envious altitude of dependability and reliability throughout the country. EML is the sole distributor of No. 1 Chinese air conditioner GREE and the world famous KONKA brand Color Television, Refrigerators, Freezers & Electronic Home Appliances. Also Electro Mart introduced its own brand HAIKO to suffice the market requirements for Electronic Appliances & Air Conditioners. In addition to these brands, EML also represents the Big Brands & Products like FORBES Water Purifier & Symphony Air Coolers from India; Honeywell Air Coolers & Electrical Accessories from UAE; McQuay HVAC Systems from the USA; DAIKIN HVAC Systems from Japan; PHILIPS Home & Kicthen Appliances from Germany/EU and MIDEA Home Appliances & Air Conditioners from China. Within the rich history of existing in this market for over 40 years, EML is now celebrating the 15 years of their successful quest in representing KONKA and 14 years representation of GREE in Bangladesh – a wondrous story of creating a major shift in the overall sales and marketing scenario of the Electronics & HVAC Industry in Bangladesh, which also led the massive change in the C&E market in South-east Asia. EML is the pioneer to introduce "5 Years Guarantee" for the first time in the country. It has a group of most experienced and well-trained service personnel that ensures not only the best service solutions but also a warm environment for those who come to the service centers. EML always vows to stick with its principle of the best customer-oriented marketing services. The entire activities and decoration of each of the showrooms have been focused on this principle. To support the customers, service centers are located at different areas allover the country which provides customers with timely and efficient service solutions. As the continuous endeavor of development and expansion, EML has started its HVAC (Central Air Conditioning Solutions) campaign since 2005 and has become a major provider for the specialized and most sophisticated HVAC solutions in the country. Now, a major portion of HVAC developments are engineered and commissioned by EML using GREE HVAC solutions. EML’s future plan and mission includes expansion and development of local production base for Electronics and Air Conditioners aiming to meet the growing demand in the local market as well as to enter the overseas market acquiring the network ranging from SAARC & South-East Asian countries as far as middle-east communities. EML in Figures: The EML mission is best described in the following figures; Over 200 Marketing Professionals – MARKET on-board Over 350 Sales & Display Centers, Channel Partners & Dealers Nation-wide – Step and BUY 300+ Technical and Service Staff – ready to serve ‘YOU’, anytime anywhere 40+ years of experience – TIME that counts The # 1 market network – you are NEVER out of our reach
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Electro Mart Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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