I&M Industrials, Inc., Greenville, United States

Est. in 1967, I&M Industrials serves SC Industry in compressed air, steam, process controls, pumps and compressed air auditing. We offer compressed air service as well as a full line of rental compressors. Over the years we have developed into well-known compressed air expert working with all types of manufacturing. Working closely with local power providers we are able to help our customers achieve the most efficient and reliable compressed air system possible. Our service team is on call 24/7 to help ensure that your facility is always up and running. Family owned and operated, I&M Industrials is proud to be your source for facility based products and services. 10 Akron Dr 29605 Greenville United States Call: (864) 277-2450
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I&M Industrials, Inc., Greenville, United States

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