Project - SD1 R&D, Carlsbad, United States

"The I's have it." Inspiration, Invention, Innovation, Integrity Project – SD1 R&D is the first undertaking by SDDC, Incorporated targeting energy consumers in every home and business. SD1, Incorporated (“SD1”) is committed to Research and Development (R&D) to develop cost effective, end – end energy products and technology. One such product, that is in the works, may be able to provide numerous financial and energy consumption offsets to the cost for watts, or kilo – watts, or mega – watts and even larger energy use profiles in some cases. SDDC’s product team working in this area has almost completed its “pure research” and is now undertaking prototyping and testing. Management expects to deliver this first iEnergy™ solution before the year end. The main goal of SDDC is fostering collaborations among scientists and engineers working on the many technical disciplines in the field of energy reliability, sustainability, and lowering carbon emissions. Leveraging these disciplines and related expertise in science, math, engineering and management are crucial to the success of any developments in technology and our effective use of technology. We seek to exploit synergies that have arisen in order to identify means to resolve these and other key issues. Management is also seeking talent for its Activity to bolster the capabilities of the Company. If you have a résumé or a CV or other description of your expertise and specific area(s) of competency; please forward to Management appreciates your interest. Please recommend us to your friends. Our Best, SDDC, Incorporated -------- Project SD1 R&D ______________ NEWS: SD1 Incorporated in Las Vegas, Nevada on 03/04/2014 7040 Avenida Encinas, Ste 104 92011 Carlsbad United States Call: (202) 207-6516
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Project - SD1 R&D, Carlsbad, United States

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