MG Professional Services, Austin, United States

Professional business solutions tailored to every client. Small business consulting, resumes, interview prep, job placement, recruiting, and more! MG Professionals provides full circle, individualized services for all things employment. Do you have a resume? If you are submitting your resume online non-stop and not receiving calls back, the sad truth is that it is probably your resume hindering your progress. I can help you improve the one you use, or I can create a professional resume for you that highlights your experience in the most effective way to help your job search. Are you interviewing left and right, but not landing the job you want? The problem is that no one was really taught how to interview successfully. It is not easy! I specialize in preparing my clients for interviews, from answering tough questions appropriately all the way to what you should wear. Are you experiencing work place drama? The catty social politics? A boss that seems to target you and sets you up to fail? Professional correspondence is extremely important throughout your career. Knowing how to convey your messages in a way that displays your professionalism is an excellent way to see rapid growth and even improved treatment. I also offer consulting services for businesses. Have your sales or growth plateaued or decreased without an obvious reason? Do your employees seem as if they hate coming to work? Many business owners do not realize the importance of how your staff's satisfaction impacts the success, whether good or bad. I'm excellent at being objective, as an outsider looking in. I can help your business thrive again in all ways. My mission is to help people achieve their goals in all ways possible. Being in the right career is a great way to get there, and having the individualized support is crucial. I pride myself on working closely with my clients, face to face, on the phone, via email, FaceTime or by any means they prefer. I am extremely responsive and do what it takes to maintain my professional reputation. If you know someone who would benefit from my services, please feel free to share my page, my email address and details I have provided here. I do no marketing in any way. Every client I work with has come from word of mouth, so I appreciate the positive feedback.
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MG Professional Services, Austin, United States

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