Sustainable Social Development Organization, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Establishing an institutionalized system of social development through emphasizing a responsible citizenship. •To provide a mediating as well as consultative platform to relevant stakeholders including public officials, elected representatives, and society at large; to come together and help improving the state of democracy, human rights, and development in the country by sharing ideas and devising policy recommendations. •To build capacity of civil society, policy makers, government sector, and professionals through trainings, policy dialogues and information dissemination, from different fields to ensure efficiency and responsiveness. •To promote peace, social justice, and harmony in society through developing an impetus at the local and national level for emphasizing the rule of law. •To extend technical support through research and evidence based advocacy, to the development sector for effective and efficient development interventions.
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Sustainable Social Development Organization, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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Category: Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Found: 11.08.2015


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