The Arab ICT Organization (IJMA3), Beirut, Lebanon

Harnessing information and communications technology (ICT) toward the fulfillment of critical regional development challenges in the Middle East IJMA3 was formed with the belief and determination that it will accelerate the process of development in the Arab countries since it links the most prominent ICT associations of the region together. As a uniting platform of the Arabic ICT private sector, IJMA3, through establishing a clear vision of IT in the region, overcoming barriers, initiating projects and events, and providing coordination and cooperation between the different country members, will help the Arab world grab its endless ICT opportunities to improve development whether social, economic, political, or other in the very near future. Call: Tel.: +961 1985 440/1
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The Arab ICT Organization (IJMA3), Beirut, Lebanon

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Found: 11.08.2015


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