Organizational Behavior Management

Organizational behavior management (OBM) is an important aspect of management studies the subject which is studied in first year of management studies is known as organizational behaviour (OB). OBM is the result of applying the psychological principles of applied behavior analysis and the experimental analysis of behavior to organizations to promote worker safety and other benefits. The areas of application may include: systems analysis, management, training, and performance improvement.The field of OBM consists of the development and evaluation of performance improvement procedures which are based on the principles of behavior discovered through the science of behavior analysis. These procedures are considered to be within the scope of OBM when they focus on improving individual or group performance within an organizational setting, whether that organization be a business, industrial setting, or human service setting, and whether that organization was established for profit or not.The goal of the field of OBM is to establish a technology of broad-scale performance improvement and organizational change so that employees will be more productive and happy, and so that organizations and institutions will be more effective and efficient in achieving their goals. OBM interventions have been varied and include working with therapists on increasing billable hours to fortune five hundred companies increasing productivity to issues of effective pay systems.Some of the technology that the field of OBM uses are behavioral systems analysis and performance management. Some have considered this melding to be a theoretical problem for OBM. Another related field is behavior-based safety. Due to the nature of the field being involved in business and using the principles of behavior analysis, it is related to psychology, behavioral engineering and industrial engineering.
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Organizational Behavior Management

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