Link:, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Super Store @ Your Door Call Center +971 4 338 60 20 Free Delivery We believe that in this service we are not only providing a service to reduce direct cost of an item, but also to save much more important factor to the customer which is TIME. We strongly believe that it’s the major cost reflection after the product cost. Say: The total cost of ownership (TCO) for a product is as clear enough. Free Delivery = Save Shipping Cost( ) + Save Time() Currently this service is available for United Arab Emirates Major Cities and some remote areas are not covered in this service. Please contact our help desk to make sure that your area is covered in this service. Price Gap We are very concern about our prices in the same manner as we are concern about our customers. We make sure that our prices are made competitively in a way to satisfy our customers. How?! : There are many reasons to consider and one example is: We don’t have 500 Chairs in our company for a jobless people to waste our(your) money. We (you) do not have to pay a plenty amount of money to rent a huge store in each shopping mall. We don’t buy stocks and keep them for ages as we don’t want to think on how do we(you) compromise with it in time. Our 15 years of experience in the Industry and Management would not go wasted for our (your) sake. Our prices are always subject to change without prior notice and they are always updated around the clock. If you are not satisfied to any of our prices at any time, your feedback is highly appreciated. Full Support We are not the only one who provides Support but we make sure that it’s the best service provided among the industry. We have a dedicated well-trained team to attend visitors and/or customers questions before, during & after the transaction support. ①Help Desk: Our support team is also made available for you thru Tel No. +971 4 338 6020 during working hours and free to answer all your possible inquiries. (Please check our working hours) ②You can also reach us by email for any relevant question or inquiry thru our support team’s email: . Our team will respond to you as soon as possible. Real Warranty Real Warranty from: Manufacturing defect: Products sometimes reaches customer immediately with manufacturing defect or appear later on after sometime of usage. For this, we have created a Support Department to handle this kind of issues. All your concerns regarding your product will be handled by the dedicated team. Click here to get full information about “In Warranty” Return Terms. 30 Days Money Back 30 Days Money Back: Customers sometimes buy a product that may not be suitable, doesn't match expectation, or doesn’t satisfy him/her. In such event customer should not assume that the product value is gone waste with zero value. Yes, we can take it back within the 30 days. For this please contact our support department on our help desk immediately. Click here to get full information about “30 Days Money Back” Return Terms. Notifications Our Notification Center notifies the customer with almost every transaction is made with us (Registration, Account Obtaining, Order Dispatch with Tracking number, Etc.) as well as some special offers and promotions. These days, customers get loads of notifications as some of them are useful and some of them are not. We make sure that our notifications are with real values for our customers and visitors. Customers and visitors can register for notifications that can be for daily promotions, weekly or even monthly. There is also an option to stop the notifications according to customer’s interests. Live Chat Online Chat support: Our online chat icon is shown on all the pages in our website, you just need to click on it and one of support team will happily attend your question or inquiry during working hours, you can also leave us a message and will get back to you as soon as the service is available. Oasis Centre Mall - Shaeikh Zayed Road 37346 Dubai United Arab Emirates Call: 04 338 6020
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