MHL Tech, Sunnyvale, United States

Experience 8K resolution and immersive surround sound from mobile devices and home theater products to TVs: The MHL Consortium is made up of Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, a Lattice Semiconductor company, Sony, and Toshiba. MHL enables mobile and home theater devices to connect to TVs to deliver ultra high-definition video and immersive audio. Approximately 200 adopters support MHL, including the world’s leading mobile device and consumer electronics companies. MHL products include adapters, automotive accessories, A/V receivers, Blu-ray Disc™ players, cables, DTVs, monitors, projectors, smartphones, streaming media sticks, tablets and more. MHL, LLC is the agent for overseeing and administering the adoption, licensing, and promotion of the MHL specification. This fan site should be used as a source of information and news about MHL. Please be aware, that posts from fans on this Facebook page neither reflect the views and opinions of MHL, nor does MHL validate the accuracy of any statements made by other users. MHL will not be held accountable for the content and links posted to this page. We reserve the right to remove posts from people, brands, groups, organizations and other Facebook sites, that we deem inappropriate or irrelevant. Call: (408) 616-4000
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MHL Tech, Sunnyvale, United States

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