BitTorrent Inc., San Francisco, United States

A better Internet, powered by people. BitTorrent is: A company of 100 people, based in downtown San Francisco, passionate about building a better, smarter Internet through distributed computing. BitTorrent is: A protocol invented in 2001 by our founder and Chief Scientist, Bram Cohen. Originally created as a replacement for HTTP, BitTorrent is, and has been, the most efficient way to move large files across the Internet for over a decade. BitTorrent is: A people powered network of more than 160 million users around the world, responsible for moving 20-40% of all Internet traffic on a daily basis. Care to join us? Try BitTorrent. It’s free: Read our blog to find out more: And if you have questions about BitTorrent, shoot us an email at Keep it clean. Any posting of insulting or defamatory comments or illegal activity will be removed from the page. 303 2nd St 94107 San Francisco United States
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BitTorrent Inc., San Francisco, United States

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