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Altibase is the most trusted In-Memory database management system in the world that provides high performance computing solutions to enterprises worldwide. Altibase Inc. Altibase, for nearly 15 years has been perfecting In-Memory database technologies for the largest enterprise customers in the world. Altibase’s sole focus is in In-Memory computing and has been wholly and solely focused on In-Memory database technologies from day one. With over 500 enterprise clients and thousands of deployments, Altibase is widely considered to be the pioneer in In-Memory database solutions while also having the most battle-tested sets of installations. With key clients that include but are not limited to Samsung, E*Trade, Toshiba, Nomura Securities, China Mobile, China Telecom and HP, Altibase’s solutions are universally accepted as fail-safe for the most discerning global leaders. Altibase’s marquis products are ALTIBASE HDB™ and ALTIBASE XDB™. ALTIBASE HDB™ and ALTIBASE XDB™ are proprietary and wholly developed by Altibase. ALTIBASE HDB™’s technology maximizes the strengths of both In-Memory and On-Disk databases in a single database management system. In-Memory databases are well known for extreme performance while the storage capabilities of conventional On-Disk databases are still required for today's Big Data. ALTIBASE HDB™ combines both database types to harness the power of each. It can selectively store data on disk or in memory depending on access frequency and allows seamless data access with optimal efficiency. Real time processing and mass storage is not enough. ALTIBASE HDB™’s built-in high availability and data replication complete the database management solution. ALTIBASE HDB™ drives performance and revenue growth for the likes of E*TRADE, Samsung, HP, China Telecom and China Unicom and maximizes their efficacy in areas like Network Utilization/Service Reliability, Integrated Billing/Authentication, Fraud Detection/Prevention and Infrastructure Monitoring/Security. ALTIBASE HDB™ database management is the single solution for a chronic problem. Until now, clients had to make a choice with their database management systems…Speed or Size? With ALTIBASE HDB™ There is no choice – There is no compromise. Fast Database Performance 10x Faster than conventional on-disk databases Highly optimized for in-memory computing to avoid latency Short and predictable response times measured in microseconds Built-in Replication Feature for High Availability and Scalability Horizontal and Vertical Scalability on commodity platforms Adaptive Consistency Synchronous & Asynchronous Replication Non-Stop Service Architecture Active-Active & Active-Standby Complete Database Fully ACID-compliant Most Complete in-memory DBMS in the industry supporting a broad range of SQL standards Compatible with all standard interfaces and programming languages (ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, .Net, Java, C/C++, Precompiler) Bundled with an abundance of Tools and Utilities for ease of use and enhanced productivity Hybrid Architecture Combines the benefits of in-memory storage and on-disk storage in a single relational database Flexible Deployment Modes In-Memory Database Only On-Disk Database Only Hybrid Database (In-Memory + On-Disk) Support for different workloads Real-time access to time critical Hot data Access to historical Cold data for analytics Complex transactions through integrated (Hot & Cold) data Easy bi-directional data migration between Hot and Cold data zones Support for SQL Standards SQL 99 SQL 2003 Support for all common data types Support Database Connectivity Standards ODBC (Microsoft 3.5.1 API) JDBC (Type 4) .Net Provider OLE DB Embedded SQL CLI Perl DBD Support for common communication protocols TCP/IP (IPv4 and IPv6) Unix Domain Socket IPC (Shared Memory) ALTIBASE ADVANCED DATABASE FEATURES: Spatial Database Sequence Queue Table Partitioning User Defined Types Monitoring Views Synonym Direct-Path Insert SQL Plan Cache DB Link Replication for: Partitioned Tables DDL Execution During Replication Hints In-Line View Trigger Hierarchical Query Array Processing Atomic Array INSERT Built-In Function Cost Optimizer TPC-H Query ROWNUM DB Auto-Extend Bitmap Tablespace RICH SET OF TOOLS AND UTILITIES: Productivity and Administration iSQL WareValley Orange (GUI) ReplicationManager (GUI) altiProfile Audit ETL aExport iLoader Interoperability and Migration MigrationCenter (GUI) oraAdapter ALTIBASE XDB™ is the world’s fastest In-Memory only database, featuring extreme speed, high availability and wide range of standard and advance database features. It is ideal for use in mission critical enterprise applications requiring extreme processing speeds, particularly in the telecommunication, financial and manufacturing sectors. Extreme In-Memory Database Performance 5 to 10 times Faster than most other in-memory databases Powered by special algorithms and data structures that are highly optimized for in-memory computing with short and predictable response times measured in microseconds Advanced techniques to achieve highest data throughput Highly Available and Scalable High Availability and Scalability via built-in Replication Feature Support for Horizontal and Vertical Scalability Process-based architecture for unrivalled reliability Active-Active and Active-Standby fault tolerance at near standalone performance Advanced Controls for varying performance, durability and consistency needs Extremely Fast Transaction processing Entire database resides in computer’s memory Powered by special algorithms and data structures that are highly optimized for in-memory computing Up to 1.5 million transactions per second Short and Predictable Response times Optimized for fastest transactional processing with the shortest response times measured in microseconds The improved response times fuel High Throughput. Customizable application performance via Innovative and Rich Interfaces Direct Access Mode to completely eliminate network overhead (2) Direct Access API Mode eliminates not only network overhead but also query processing overhead (3) Conventional client/server protocols TCP/IP and IPC for compatibility (1) Persistent and Durable In-Memory DBMS Full ACID support for all database transactions Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability Durability is achieved via use of transaction logs and checkpoint images Fully Recoverable Multiple Durability Levels to control a balance between performance and durability No Durability Relaxed Durability Enhanced Durability Strict Durability High Availability via built-in Replication Feature Log-based replication Adaptive Consistency Synchronous Replication Asynchronous Replication Non-Stop Service Architecture Active-Active Active-Standby Near Standalone Replication Performance 90% in Active-Active 96% Active-Standby Conflict Detection and Resolution Offline Replication WHY COMPANIES CHOOSE ALTIBASE: Extremely Fast Response Times Predictable and Consistent Response Times Low Latency Throughput Scalability Real time Replication Highly Available and Reliable Persistent and Durable Scalable on Commodity Platforms Flexible Architecture for the Cloud Standards Compliant Rich Features & Rich Interfaces Extensive Knowledge of and Commitment to In-memory Computing Proven, Mature Technology ALTIBASE IS AN OPEN PLATFORM IN-MEMORY DATABASE: Wide Range of Platform Support Sun Solaris OS SPARC (64bit) Intel (64bit) Intel (32bit) – Client Only HP HPUX PARISC (64bit) PARISC (32bit) – Client Only IA (64bit) IA (32bit) – Client Only IBM AIX PowerPC (64bit) PowerPC (32-bit) – Client Only) Linux Intel (32bit) Intel (64bit) Microsoft Windows Intel (32bit) Intel (64bit) REPRESENTATIVE USE CASES INCLUDE: OCS (Online Charging System) For simultaneously managing call access and customer balances in real time Location Based Service For tracking the location of mobile users, and optionally other people or objects IP Authentication For controlling Internet access and monitoring IP address assignment APM (Application Performance Monitoring) Real-time status monitoring and control between standard web services EES (Equipment Engineering Systems) For tracking defects and changing requirements in real time Futures/Options Trading High and stable performance of processing large amounts of financial data REPRESENTATIVE APPLICATIONS THAT UTILIZE ALTIBASE: Risk Management Fraud Detection Algorithmic Trading Statistical Arbitrage Security Intelligence Supply Chain Tracking Telecom/Media Revenue Leakage Service Delivery Online Gaming Inventory Forecasting Transportations Operations Management Software-as-a-Service Real time Analytics Profitability Analysis Global Web Commerce Sales Incentive Promotions Management EXTENSIVE ECO-SYSTEM: Category Backup ETL CDC OLAP/Reporting GIS Portal KMS EDMS RIA/Xinternet DB Access Control/Audit DB Encryption DB Management Tool DB Monitoring Tool DB Modeling Tool DQMS (DataQuality Management System) 1 Bridge Plz N, Ste 265 07024 Fort Lee United States Call: (888) 837-7333
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Altibase, Fort Lee, United States

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