FullDive is an innovative virtual reality platform that utilizes your smartphone technology. Download our app on Google Play FullDive is building an affordable virtual reality and augmented reality software platform that connects any smartphone to a new world of media, supported by our headgear and controller, the FullDive Wear and Wand. Designed for your comfort, the Fulldive headset is sleek, fits well with any head size and with interchangeable lenses, and works with glasses. FullDive’s mixed reality controller allows you to create and feature digital content into your environment as interactive 3D holograms. We have created a comprehensive platform of mobile apps, including an all-purpose video player, web browser, camera, gallery and a virtual reality app market. FullDive’s software works with smartphone technology to display a much larger screen in virtual reality glasses. The screen is split into two images and displayed for each eye to create a cinematic 3D view, all from your smartphone. This will also include a developer’s kit, which will serve the entire VR community for developers to create innovative VR products using our platform. To provide a total immersive experience, we have also designed a sleek headset and controller system. Our whole product is accessible from the palm of your hand, within your smartphone. Founders Edward and Yosen are bringing this vision from the cradle of innovation, Silicon Valley. With humble backgrounds, the team is passionate about bringing FullDive to third world countries where VR technology would be expensive. For more information, please visit our main website at
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