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Site deals with live scores and Player stats, cricket coaching etc all related to cricket. and masti and fun of films, breaking news and general knowledge News Fundas, Oye Cricket and Cricketfundas Hey folks, welcome to Entertainment masti and fun. So what this site is about you might ask… Well we are a bunch of enthusiasts with an objective of bringing up a knowledge base about all walks of life. This site may not be an Encyclopedia but is certainly a small attempt to cover as much information as we can in our journey in this cyber space. Our main interest is to pile up some basic information about our country India along with articles and blogs on various subjects such as Current Affairs – National and International, India History, World History, Geography, Tourism, Science and Technology, Education, Internet, Health, Sports, Movies etc. Rome was not built in a single day and the same applies here. Hyderabad 500095 Hyderabad India
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Entertainment Gossips and News Website, Hyderabad, India

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