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Tewwt is the best way to connect focused professionals in the arts and entertainment industries. Tewwt understands an artist’s plight, and wants to offer its support. Not only support from us, but also from bringing artists and other professionals together to support one another. We support our favorite artists by buying their albums, watching their movies, or displaying their artwork on our walls. In turn, they appreciate it and show us gratitude through various speeches, charities and performance because they know that they couldn’t be there without their fans. Taking it a step further, many couldn’t have reached these same fans without the support of their peers in the beginning of their careers. Struggling artists are like struggling entrepreneurs. They often lack resources, money, and support. We understand that these individuals have visions that not everyone can see, and because of that, they are limited. The smallest portion of faith from someone who sees that vision can fuel an artist for a week. The support from a peer can fuel them for month. The support from venues and other professionals can bring out the Phoenix that will have them burning with motivation and energy for a year. Imagine what can be created with that kind of support. Networking and making solid connections with people that have the resources is an essential part of any successful business and aspiring artist. Makeup artists transform...DJ’s are the heart of the party...Lighting technician’s set the stage...Videographers captures memories...Models make the products look great...Producers help sell the ideologies of singers...Graphic designers are some of the most creative people that have given substance to businesses by helping to solidify their brands... Writers bring life to a piece of paper, and also bring imagery to the music of a musician. Through collaboration and support, the possibilities will be endless!
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Tewwt- New Website for Quality Entertainment Professionals

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