SIMBA ENTERTAINMENT, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are an entertainment in educational way,we bring the youths all over the world together using our social media,and creating events Our goals is to be able to provide better education for the young genaration in africa mostly,to educate and giving them a chance to discover their talents,to show them that coming to Europe is not the best way to succeed in life. 1.we are busy starting our network which we will use mostly on social media. .we want to reach out to the youth in the nederlands to bring them together by providing party's and teaching them our mother language(KINYARWANDA) 2.we want to visit the refuge camps and interview those who came to the nederlands in hope of better life and better education ,to find out how they now feel about being here in the nederlands and what are their experiances. 3. we will approach their needs and we will try to find a way to educate them by teaching them that they can still make a better future back home for their self and for our nations. 4.we want to have a tv program here in Europe and back home,in out tv shows we will be inviting people who are doing their own businesses ,ambassadors,dutch police and law enforcement,we will have different talent shows ,we will have people back home showing what SIMBA has brought to them and what the have archived. hygieaplein 1076rw Amsterdam Netherlands Call: 0685644731
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SIMBA ENTERTAINMENT, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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