Protect Children From Pit Bulls And Other Dangerous Dogs

Any disrespect on this page you will be deleted and banned. This page is for victims of dangerous dogs and their supporters. Thank you. The Admins of Protect Children from Pit Bulls And Other Dangerous Dogs believes that some breeds are inherently dangerous and pose a greater risk to society. "Inherently Dangerous" is not the same as "aggressive" or "vicious." We do believe that pit bulls, am staffs, ambulls, and their crosses are inherently dangerous, as do most insurance companies, that base their assessment on actuarial risk. If you do not agree that these breeds are inherently dangerous, then this is not the page for you. This is not the place to debate this position. We believe that we must acknowledge that some breeds are more dangerous than others in order to ensure not only the safety of children, but of everyone. We reserve the right to ignore anyone that insists on trying to debate this position, and will delete posts that evangelize these breeds. We will block anyone, with or without warning, that uses profanity or name-calls (that means anyone), screams in all caps, or makes ad hominem attacks. We are under no obligation to anyone to allow people to abuse others or spam this page. We understand that many will not like this page due to our stance. That is okay. We aren't the only page on Facebook :) You have tons from which to choose. Thank you for your support.
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Protect Children From Pit Bulls And Other Dangerous Dogs

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