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.com's that wont drive you dotty Personalised webdesign from as little as £185. Helping small businesses gain a big digital footprint. Super Simple Websites are a wee Glasgow agency that started up in late 2013, however we have big goals and love to take on even bigger projects. Anyway, good things come in small packages (at least, thats what mum says). Super Simple's founder, a Strathclyde University Business Technology student, felt there was a serious need for a no-nonsence approach to webdesign for small busnisses and organisations. We make beautiful things for the web at affordable prices (£185 for our 5-page site) for small businesses and organisations. We achieve this by coupling low cost software with high creativity, leading to quality results. Aside from the hokey-cokey, our 5-page site is what it's all about. Read more about it at What's most important is that we love what we do. We don't see you and your website as a "job" or "client", we see it as a personal project for a fellow business owner, that we stive to do our very best on. Not to boast or anything, but Super Simple has the technical know-how coupled with the right amount of creativity to fine-tune your site to exactly how you want it. What's more is we leave you totally in control. We build you a wonderful website, and then hand you the keys. No more pricey bills every time your site needs minor updating. We also promise never to bombard you with jargon. It's pretty boring for all involved, so we just skip right to the plain English. Call: 07474325404
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Super Simple Websites

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