Peshawar Youth Organization, Peshawar, Pakistan

PYO, established in 2010, is a youth leading, non-political, non-profitable and non-governmental organization. PYO, established in 2010, is a youth leading, non-political, non-profitable and non-governmental organization. It believes that an integrated framework will converge youth from diverse religious, cultural, social and economic backgrounds on single platform to provide opportunity which aims at fostering communal harmony, leadership & developmental skills with a view to display youth’s commitment to unity in diversity. Vision: The Peshawar Youth Organization envisions itself to be an inclusive association which values excellence in education, serves as a leader in youth development and develops strategies towards empowerment and peace assertion. PYO Objectives PYO has identified the following objectives required for its long term existence and contribution to society: Provision of Quality Education 1. To provide every child of the KPK with the fullest possible educational needs and opportunities without discrimination on different grounds. 2. To nurture the academic and individual growth of each child of KPK and to enhance opportunities for the development of the potentials of the child to enable them to play their role in a society. 3. To meet current and future parental demands for education and enhance the literacy rate in KPK. Ensuring Peace & Development 1. To encourage and support the role of young people in peace-building activities that contribute to living together in dignity with collaboration of local community, key stakeholders, students and teachers’ to combat the menace of extremism and support sustainable development. 2. To promote the presence and the role of young people in identifying and speaking up against human rights violations, including discrimination, hate speech and those human rights violations affecting especially young people and children. 3. To advance youth policy’s role in peace-building and conflict transformation and enhance the youth representatives capacity to take action at a local level in environments affected by previous or ongoing conflicts. Guaranteeing Child Protection 1. To create and stimulate a protective environment for all children which ensures their protection against all forms of violence, abuse, discrimination, neglect and exploitation. 2. To develop a comprehensive Child Protection monitoring system to manage information database, and undertake relevant research. 3. To provide information, public awareness and capacity building on child protection to stakeholders, professionals, parents, children, and the local community. Promoting Women Empowerment 1. To protect gender equality in KPK through developing and implementing equal opportunity policies. 2. To educate women according to the professional requirement and encourage them to grow further in life. 3. To create awareness among stakeholders, local community and policymakers in bringing changes in social attitudes towards women. Supporting Inter-faith Harmony 1. To enable our religious minorities to be heard at all available platforms and to offer them a platform to address their concerns. 2. To provide access to justice and achieve equal rights for all faiths; to abolish all discriminatory laws that victimize on the basis of religion. 3. To bring about a change in the social behavior and create an environment of tolerance and acceptance.
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Peshawar Youth Organization, Peshawar, Pakistan

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