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Internet Grátis e Possivel O Psiphon é um browser open-source cujo objetivo é ultrapassar a censura que milhões de utilizadores enfrentam em diversos países, onde a liberdade de expressão é restrita, e o acesso a certos websites está bloqueado. Assim que executar a aplicação, irá ficar ligado aos servidores PsiPhon, que lhe garantem o acesso através de redes proxy a qualquer website que deseja visitar do mundo, sem o perigo de ser apanhado durante o processo. Uma vez ligado à rede proxy segura, a app permite-lhe navegar pela Internet no seu próprio integrado web browser, no qual pode adicionar sites favoritos, definir uma página inicial, e em última instância fazer tudo o que pode fazer num normal web browser. O Psiphon é uma ferramenta muito interessante para os utilizadores Android que viveram questões de censura onde habitam. Graças a esta app, pode navegar livremente onde quer que se encontre. History The original concept for Psiphon envisioned an easy-to-use and lightweight Internet proxy, designed to be installed and operated by individual computer users who would then host private connections for friends and family in countries where the Internet is censored. According to Nart Villeneuve "The idea is to get (users) to install this on their computer, and then deliver the location of that circumventor, to people in filtered countries by the means they know to be the most secure. What we're trying to build is a network of trust among people who know each other, rather than a large tech network that people can just tap into."[9] Psiphon 1.0 was launched by the Citizen Lab on 1 December 2006 as open source software.[10] In Early-2007, Psiphon inc was established as a Canadian corporation independent of the Citizen Lab and the University of Toronto. The original code (1.6) was made available under the GNU General Public License. In 2008, Psiphon was awarded the Netexplorateur award by the French Senate.[1] In 2009, Psiphon was recognized with The Economist Best New Media Award by Index on Censorship.[2] In 2011, Psiphon 1.X was officially retired and is no longer actively supported by Psiphon Inc., or the Citizen Lab.[8] In 2008, Psiphon inc was awarded two sub-grants via the Internews operated SESAWE (Open Internet) project(s).[10][11] The source of funding came from the European Parliament and the US State Department Internet Freedom program, administered by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL).[12] The objective of these grants was to develop Psiphon into a scalable circumvention solution capable of supporting large numbers of users across different geographic regions. The core development team grew to include a group of experienced security and encryption software engineers that previously developed Ciphershare, a secure document management system.[13] During the period of grant support, Psiphon inc developed Psiphon 3, a lightweight tunneling client that runs on Windows and Android platforms. In 2010, Psiphon inc began providing services to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (US), US Department of State, and the British Broadcasting Corporation. Psiphon inc currently (2015) operates on the basis revenues generated from commercial operations. In 2012, Psiphon inc began development of a mobile version of Psiphon 3 for use with phones running Android.[14]
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Psiphon Brasil - Internet Grátis, Ontario, United States

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