Spectranet Limited, Lagos, Nigeria

SPECTRANET LIMITED® ★THE FIRST TO PROVIDE 4G LTE IN NIGERIA★ Spectranet was awarded a License from the Nigerian Communications Commission in 2009 with the aim of promoting Internet Services in Nigeria. Over the last year Spectranet has assessed and evaluated different technologies and mediums which would facilitate in providing the best data services best suited for Nigeria. Headquartered in Lagos with Management Consultancy and Technical Collaboration with the Infrastructure Development Company Group based at Singapore, Spectranet aims to be a leader in the Internet Services space in Nigeria. SPECTRANET 4G Broadband is a solution that enables individuals, homes, corporate Organizations, Industries and Cyber Cafes with multiple desktops and Laptops with high bandwidth capacity to access the internet in a fast, secured and reliable manner at a throughput of more than 5mbps which is faster than what is obtainable in the market today. SPECTRANET is the foremost fastest ISP firm in Nigeria that focused on use of next Generation 4G , WIMAX and Broadband Technology through 2.3 GHZ Spectrum licenses for the delivery of enhanced user experience, fast speed, better broadband quality, and competitive pricing. SPECTRANET LTD (a member of the WIMAX forum) is a facilities-based internet services provider operating an end-to-end reliable, high speed connectivity services in the licensed and interference-free 2.3 GHZ Spectrum for its point to multipoint network (4G WIMAX ) for individuals, SMES, and SOHOS and the licensed 15 GHZ spectrum for its point ton point Microwave RF internet connectivity for corporates. Call: +234 (1) 7002345678, +234 (1) 8002345678
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Spectranet Limited, Lagos, Nigeria

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