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Liquid Grids empowers healthcare companies to listen, understand and strategically engage in online health dialogue. For product teams who want to understand and connect with the millions of consumers who participate in health-related conversations on the internet, Liquid Grids provides real-time digital health intelligence that makes it possible to get the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Liquid Grids' software, a Social Health Intelligence Database created for each customer, distills hundreds of millions of online health conversations into relevant, actionable information. Our proprietary algorithms evaluate social media activity related to a specific health topic, classify conversations according to themes, discover conversation patterns, measure sentiment and intent, and identify sources of influence in every conversation.This analysis is done in real-time, providing the opportunity to make marketing decisions and engage with customers with comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information. Data Use & Privacy Policy: Liquid Grids may use any information that is publicly available from various social media outlets, websites, user forums and other sources. This data is used for analysis purposes and may be made available to our customers at an aggregate level. Liquid Grids will only expose raw and proprietary analytics data to its customers through a user interface, at an aggregate level, for the purposes of precision marketing and advertising. Liquid Grids will always adhere to and comply with the data usage, privacy, and security policies of the 3rd parties from whom it harvests data. Liquid Grids will also always strictly adhere to any applicable, prevailing policies from appropriate regulatory organizations including but not limited to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and others. Liquid Grids and its customers will never contact an individual represented by such data other than through a marketing and advertising campaign, and will do so in accordance with platform-specific and applicable regulatory bodies’ security, privacy and data use policies. The data will be anonymized and cleansed of any individually identifiable information before being exposed, transferred to or used by Liquid Grids’ customers. Liquid Grids will never sell, transfer, or expose individually identifiable information to 3rd parties. Liquid Grids may employ cookies, pixels or other similar tracking technologies to measure the effectiveness of an advertisement after an advertisement has been clicked on. Advertisements produced from the Liquid Grids platform will direct the user who has clicked on the advertisement to various properties owned either by Liquid Grids or by a customer of Liquid Grids. Cookie, pixel, or any other tracking data will be used solely by Liquid Grids or their customers and will never be sold to any 3rd party. Individuals that wish to opt-out of having their data used by the Liquid Grids platform may send a formal request, in writing, by mail to opt-out. Once received and approved, Liquid Grids shall add the individual(s) to the system opt-out list and information related to that individual shall no longer be collected or stored on Liquid Grids’ systems. Required information for an opt-out request including: Full name of individual wishing to opt out; Correspondence address; Phone number; A list of social platforms that they no longer wish Liquid Grids to collect their information from including the corresponding social network IDs. 5080 Shoreham Pl, Ste 204 92122 San Diego United States Call: (973) 975-3784
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Liquid Grids, San Diego, United States

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