Water Field Study

The people of Namanu have an amazing Blue crew on their water field study. Fellow Blue crew give us a shought out and say your favorite things about our beloved field study. Camp Namanu is a summer camp in the U.S. state of Oregon. It was founded as a Camp Fire Girls camp on the banks of the Sandy River in 1924. Namanu remained a "girls only" camp until the late 1970s when the parent organization, now Camp Fire USA, made the executive decision to include boys in all areas of the program. Today, Namanu covers more than 552 acres (2.23 km2), and is located near the Bull Run Watershed at 10300 SE Camp Namanu Road in Sandy, Oregon, 97055-9517. And water field study proves to be an amazing field study for all.
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Water Field Study

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Found: 13.08.2015


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