Canadian Field Studies in Africa - CFSIA, Montreal, Canada

Apply and learn more on the website, CFSIA draws on faculty members with research and teaching experience in East Africa and/or long experience in running field studies. This group is committed to the belief that studying in the field in East Africa will be one of the best educational experiences of your lifetime. The program will give you the opportunity to: -see a range of environmental and social conditions in beautiful, interesting and diverse countries: Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania -meet people working in community development, wildlife management, environmental conservation -be part of active research institutions in East Africa -work in small groups with dedicated Canadian and local teachers -conduct your own research projects in natural science, social science or interdisciplinary areas -visit some of the most remarkable archaeological sites in the world -experience game viewing in the some of the world's premier conservation areas -travel from the shores of Lake Victoria to the reefs of the Indian Ocean and from the flanks of snow peaked Mt Kenya to the torrid base of the Rift Valley, -meet locals in their homes, villages, markets, cities and offices -travel securely, with the presence of a physician overseeing your medical care The program consists of a series of safaris between established research bases. Because the research stations have strong working relationships with the surrounding communities, we can ensure that our students have safe, informed and sustained access to the East African landscape. This means that students can engage in real, field-based, research projects. Call: Field Studies Office: 514-398-1063
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Canadian Field Studies in Africa - CFSIA, Montreal, Canada

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