Group Education for PSS Fields of Study

This group has been created for the sole purpose of improving the understanding of subjects offered at Hocking College PSS. We will facilitate a learning environment through means of power points, test reviews, and student feedback. Presently this group is led by Zane Reid and Michael Whittemore. We are comprised of student-tutors and instructors. As of right now the "student study session leader" positions are AS FOLLOWS- FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES- Zane Reid POLICE SCIENCE- TBA SOCIAL SERVICES, CORRECTIONS, AND JUSTICE- TBA Study Sessions for Fire Science are scheduled to be held at 3pm on the Wednesdays prior to test days. POLICE SCIENCE AND THE SOCIAL SERVICES, CORRECTIONS, AND JUSTICE ARE TBA. We look forward to seeing you participate! :) The first meeting for all PSS studies is on Wednesday in PSS 111 at 3pm.
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Group Education for PSS Fields of Study

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