Usambara Field Studies Centre

Usambara Field Studies Centre promotes understanding, enjoyment, appreciation and sustainable use of the environment. The Founders of UFSC believe that the future of humankind depends upon understanding and caring of our planet. This comes out through research, training, education and recreation. Conservation and management of the environment greatly depend on the research outputs. It is also through research outputs, that proper education and training needs are designed and executed. Nonetheless, people are inspired and activated by the nature of the benefits they get from natural world. Paying attention to natural world not only makes people feel better, it makes them behave better. Our education programs provide basic knowledge on environment including biology and ecology of tropical ecosystems. The centre organizes training and outdoor recreation programs to people of all ages and to different groups e.g. college and university students, school children (nursery, primary and secondary), family groups. Our programs encourage learning by observing and participating and designed to make you enjoy. We organize field trips to the biodiversity richest areas (hotspots) such as the Eastern Arc Mountains (from Pare to Usambara, Uluguru to Udzungwa, Lubeho to Nguru) and coastal forests, to beautiful Indian Ocean beaches, wildlife parks and to several cultural sites of Tanzania such as Amboni caves. Our centre also acknowledges the contribution of volunteers and other supports as UFSC is an independent environmental and outdoor non-profit Company. ‘The more you appreciate nature, the more you can benefit’ Weinsten.
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Usambara Field Studies Centre

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