Eclectica Performance art

Eclectica(Formally known as Cosmica) an ensemble of woman, passionate about showcase performances reflecting beauty, divinity, emotion, and transformation Eclectica - Formally known as Cosmica , Eclectica are an ensemble of talented woman who are passionate about showcase performances that reflect beauty, divinity, emotion, transformation and enlightenment. bringing in the ancient art of ritual and ceremony to create not just a performance, but a transformational experience. We are magic weavers, rovers, aerialist, dancers, circus performers, fire benders, tribal goddesses. We are vessels of projection and transformation. Through our performances it is our mission to unlock, inspire, heal and empower. We offer more than a showcase, we offer an experience. encouraging onlookers to not just see us but truly feel us, to feel us as a reflection of their own divinity, of their own creative potential. we act as the mirror of the infinite expressive potential and growth we all possess inside. We are the vehicles for universal energy to flow through and deliver messages of oneness, harmony and expression. Our performances captivate and unlock the hearts if many, opening them up to a deeper meaning, a deeper source of fulfilment. May we all learn to creatively express our inner divinity in a way that will help the collective consciousness evolve and expand. Eclectica breathe and thrive as one and project oneness through their intricate and amazing formations, acting as one entity in total harmony with one another.
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Eclectica Performance art

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