ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival

Asiatopia performance art festival founded in Bangkok in 1998, by a Thai performance artist Chumpon Apisuk Today the festival has become one of the most important performance platform in Asia, and in the international community of performance art. Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival has reached its 16th anniversary this year, It has become the oldest and longest performance art festival in SE Asia. The festival has been a platform where international artists from many countries come together each year in exchange with artists in Thailand, to work together continue the festival motto “Because we dream, so we are searching”. Since 1998 Asiatopia has helped brought Thai performance artists to the wider world, artists like; ChumponApisuk, VasanSitthiket,Paisan Plienbangchang, MongkolPlienbangchang, PadungsakKotchasomrong, JittimaPholsawake, NopawanSirivejkul, etc… has participated in many international performance art festival throughout the world each year since it begun. Moreover, Asiatopia has been the only school of performance art in Thailand, where young art students, and interested public can learned and practiced performance art. At Asiatopia performance workshop program where we brought world reknown artists like Boris Nieslony, Monica Gunther &RuediSchill, Sinead O’Donnell, Richard Martel as well as Asian artists like MelatiSuryodarmo from Indonesia and ChumponApisuk from Thailand, teach and lecture at the workshop each year. Asiatopia’s objectives are to develop performance art study in Thailand as well as creating linkage with performance artists in SE Asia region as well as international networks. Besides its annual festival as a platform of artistic exchange and meeting, Asiatopia creates program where international artists can work with Thai local Thai conservationists, traditional artistic communities as well as learning Thai culture and lives style. Asiatopia organized performance art workshops and teaching every year at Bangkok Art & Culture Center and at various art colleges and universities in all regions in Thailand, such as RachamangkalaUniverisity Northeastern region, Ratchabat University Chiangrai and Nakonsrithammarat, Chiangmai University, for instant. It has been known that performance art developed and become worldwide practice since around 70s especially in Europe and America. However, today performance art has been growing steadily in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, etc. Artistic community around the world today has connected and helped each other developing a strong artistic expression by participating in artists run performance festivals. 16thAsiatopia 2014 is working in three different areas; Nan Province where artists will perform their artistic expression to the public, they are also work in exchange with local traditional artists and musicians, and learning about eco-loving Hug Nan Foundation – Joko center, which is a farmer schools where local grain has been re-introduced and the building of grain collecting centers. In Bangkok artists will work together at Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, where thousands Bangkok art lovers visiting everyday. In ChiangmaiAsiatopia in cooperation with Chiangmai University, Fine Arts Faculty who host the festival as well as a meeting with art students. ASIATOPIA committee Chumpon Apisuk Director Nopawan Sirivejkul Project Manager Committee Surapol Phanyawachira Paisan Plienbangchang Padungsak Khochasumrong Mongkol Plienbangchang Chakkrit Chimnok Vasan Sitthiket
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ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival

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